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Information for Parents

When your son or daughter starts a training course with First Rung we will help to open the door to a world of training and work opportunities to start them on their personal path to success.

Why should we choose a course at First Rung?

At First Rung we pride ourselves in providing high quality training to support young people’s ambitions within a safe learning environment.

With class sizes of no more than 12 learners per group your son or daughter will be guaranteed a more personalised learning programme with dedicated support.


How do you monitor progress and support my child’s needs?

Each learner is assigned a dedicated Learner and Progression Advisor will support them throughout their learning programme. Each young person is also assigned a trainer who will meet with them each month to review their learning and set targets and goals. 


How much will a course cost?

Our FLEX Foundation Learning programme is free to 16-18 year olds who meet the entry requirements and have been resident in the EU for the past three years.

We also provide our FLEX learners with breakfast and break time snacks and provide a contribution to their lunch.


You son or daughter you could also be eligible for additional bursary funding to support them with travel, course materials and interview clothing.


You can download the bursary form here.


Learners on our FLEX Pre-Apprenticeship course are able to apply for a Oystercard which will give them free travel on London buses if they are ages 16 – 17 or 30% off tube and bus travel if they are 18 years old.


If your son or daughter has applied for an Apprenticeship, the cost of their training will be fully funded if they are aged 16 – 18. For apprentices ages 19 and over, their training will be subsidised by their employer.


If your son or daughter is aged 14 – 16 and on our Uphold Alternative Provision course, their place on the programme will be funded by their school or local education authority.


Will my child’s course affect my benefits?

If your child is attending our FLEX Foundation Learning or Uphold Alternative Provision programmes there should be no change to your Child Benefit or Tax Credit entitlement. If your son or daughter is on an Apprenticeship programme, your state benefits may be affected. Please contact your benefits advisor for further information.

For more information about our courses please contact:

Under 16 years old

Francesca Muratori on 020 8201 3111 or email

Over 16 years old 

Beverley Woodhouse on 07805 980150 oe email