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Outstanding Employer Award


1. How long have you been working with First Rung? Is this your first Apprentice or how many have you employed?
We’ve been working together since October 2016. Kye was one of our first apprentice’s however we now have a few more, some with First Rung and from other sources.
2. What impact has having an apprentice had on your business?
Apprentices have given us the chance to review what jobs at JSA can be delegated to a younger members of staff, with an added bonus of improving processes with their new ideas and fresh minds.
3. How much training was required for the apprentice? How long did it take for the apprentice to integrate into the team?
The initial training took 5-6 weeks to familiarise himself with our different systems and processes. In terms of integration of a personality, this was a matter of days where he fitted in and became a part of the family.
4. Has your view/opinion changed since hiring an apprentice? If so, what is your view/opinion now?
I always rated apprentices quite highly as key members of a business. This experience has strengthened my belief that it’s the way forward in helping young people their first steps in the corporate world.
5. After your apprentice finishes their apprenticeship would you employ another apprentice?
Yes, I would be interested in repeating the process.
6. What has been the highlight of employing an apprentice?
Watching someone develop their interpersonal skills in such a short space of time has been great to see, going from a shy and quite 16 year old into a confident and outgoing member of JSA.
7. Has First Rung provided the right amount of support for the Apprentice and you as the employer?
Yes the support has been great on both sides.