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Work Experience

Through our extensive experience of working with young people, the period of work experience offered by our employers is the time we see our learners truly grow and develop the confidence to enter the world of work.


Unlike the traditional work experience placements (although we do offer these as well on some projects) which can be as short as 2 weeks, our work placements are longer which means the young person will actually be able to put what they learn with you into practice and contribute to your business.


You have the chance to interview the young person before they start with you so you have full control of your staffing needs.


We will fully support each young person on work placement, monitoring attendance, punctuality and performance through welfare visits and telephone monitoring.


You will be assigned an Employer Engagement and Welfare Advisor who will be your main point of contact and if you feel things need to be improved they will work with you and your young person to resolve any issues.


For further information about a First Rung work placement, please contact Trusha Patel, Lead Employer Development Coordinator on 07399 446869 or email